User Guide


1)      Creating a new participant record.

Enter the “Clinician Portal”. Sign In using your account details (assigned by ISPO UK NMS). Enter Part A details that apply. Please thoroughly check details before pressing submit to enter the data into the registry. When submitting the data, the participant will be assigned a randomly generated code. Do not ever store this code with any other identifiable data, or with any other data not controlled by ISPO UK NMS or with any reference to AMPROM or ISPO UK.


2)      Updating participant records.

Within the “clinician Portal” sign in.  A list of existing participant records can be found under “Data Management”. To modify an existing record to update the details click “Modify”, after updating Part A and checking the entries, press Submit to enter the data into the registry. A new entry with a timestamp will be listed, the previous entry with an earlier time stamp will remain.


3)      Completing Outcome Measures.

To complete outcome measures enter the Participant Portal. Enter a valid Participant code. A menu of outcome measures will become available. Only 1 version of any outcome measure maybe completed per day. Completing outcomes on alternate days will result in multiple entries with different timestamps. If any outcome measure is repeated within the same day the results for that day will be updated.


4)      Downloading data.

Data may be downloaded via the “Data Management” section, or via the research portal. Do not store, mix or merge the data with any other identifiable data outside the control of ISPO UK NMS.


5)      What to do if there is a data error.

Please check registry entries after submitting by downloading the data. AMPROM has very limited online data editing functions. If an error has been made, please contact ISPO UK NMS who can edit the registry.